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sorcerer n : one who practices magic or sorcery [syn: magician, wizard, necromancer]

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From sorcier, ultimately from sors.


  1. fantasy folklore A magician or wizard, sometimes specifically male.


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magician/wizard drawing upon natural powers
  • Czech: čaroděj
  • Dutch: tovenaar
  • Finnish: velho
  • French: sorcier, sorcière
  • German: Zauberer
  • Hungarian: varázsló
  • Italian: stregone
  • Portuguese: feiticeiro
  • Russian: волшебник
  • Scottish Gaelic: draoidh
  • Serbian: vrač, vračar, vračara, vračarica, bajač, bajačica, bajalica
  • Spanish: brujo
  • Syriac:

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Other meanings

  • The Sorcerer (cave art), a cavern at Trois-Frères, France
  • The Sourcerer, a character in the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett, introduced in the novel Sourcery

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